Crossword Time 1.3

Crossword Time 1.3


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Date Added:16 June, 2014

Author: Vaanathi C

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Crossword Time brings class crosswords to your iPhone.

I love doing crossword puzzles, so when Crossword Time came across my lap, I knew I™d probably get hooked. Sure enough it sucked up hours of my time.

Crossword Time has a few cool features that make doing crosswords on the iPhone simpler. For one, you have a key added your keyboard that switches advancement from horizontal to vertical so you can type words any direction you choose without having to tape each block between letters. It also offers a list of hints, where you can enter answers as well before returning to the puzzle view to see how your answers cross.
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Play this perfectly easy and entertaining crossword puzzle with a simple and varying 10x10 board.
A simple and expandable view of the clue space for easy viewing of the clues is provided.
The user can use a preferred search engine for surfing the internet while playing the game.
Skill levels of Regular and master are available.
The user can communicate and share the clues with friends by posting it in their desired social networking sites.
Enjoy the audio while playing the game.
Letter hints are available.
A separate clue page with across and down clues and space provided for typing the answers that makes the game totally easy.
The user can improve their English vocabulary while enjoying the game. This game is intended for all ages.
This is a free version. So try our free puzzles and you will be interested to buy the In app puzzles. Each In app puzzles is of different category consisting of 25 crossword puzzles.

Check this game. You will really enjoy it.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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